Day 10: St. Louis-Notes

stability and the supports

Our last day of You are not here. – Residency. It was my turn to “look for the stability and the supports.” This was almost the perfect directive as I was exploring The Luminary, the organization that had allowed us to do this portion of the You are not here. project. They quite literally were a form of support for me, providing the residency experience, an apartment to stay in, and connections within the city of St. Louis.

But, as they’re in the final stages of renovating their new building, there were plenty of literal images of stability at hand. There were also stories of reinforced beams being hauled in to support the vaulted ceiling, founders Brea & James McAnally learning to read architectural plans, framing and building walls, and volunteer powered renovation efforts. It’s exciting to see St. Louis growing an actively supported arts community.